What are the maximum and minimum charge amounts per card transaction?

For card transactions the minimum amount per charge is $3.00 MXN. The maximum amount per charge is personalised for each company and depends on the company's line of business and it's e-commerce history.


*** After processing with Conekta consistently for three months you can request an increase in your company's limit per charge. 

To request this increase please write to us at soporte@conekta.com with:


1. The email with which you login into your Conekta Admin.

2. The desired new amount and an explanation of why this number.

2.  The process your company follows to discern the legitimacy of each customer. Información on how to review a customer here.



Why does my account benefit from a charge limit for card purchases?

Remember that any online credit or debit charge can become a chargeback. Therefore the larger charge the more you have at risk.

More information about chargebacks here.