How can I change the password of my Conekta account?

Every Conekta account is linked to a password and it is necessary to login into Conekta Admin.

The password can be reestablished at any moment, using the e-mail linked to the creating account. 

It is weighty important to keep the password confidential to avoid any security violation in your Conekta account. 

In order to reestablish or change your password, follow the next steps to get a new one: 

1. Reestablish password

Go to Conekta main page and click on Log In.

If you happen to have open your session, you need to log out. 

This will take you to the main log in page to Admin Conekta

There you need to click on Forgot your password? 

2. Requesting a new password

Write the e-mail you use to log in to Conekta and click on "Send me instructions".

You will receive an e-mail with the instructions to reestablish your password. 

This e-mail may take a few minutes to be sent.

 3. Create a new password

Click on the button "Go to reestablish". You wil be redirected to Conekta Admin. 

  • Create a new password. 
  • Confirm your new password. 

You are ready with your new password.