What are Interest-Free Monthly Installments?



It is a payment method that allows you to offer a promotion to your client receivables divided into monthly installments without generating interests and you allows you to receive the full amount of the charge minus commission of months interest in one exhibition and the bank will handle payments charge the cardholder at the specified time.

These promotions apply so when the customer purchases products or services with a Mexican credit card in 3, 6, 9 o 12 interest-free deferred payments.


You will receive the full amount of sale to the bank account you provided us with the registration process, less commission charge Months No Interest.

Opportunity to increase high ticket sales thanks to the convenience of paying them a deadline.

The bank is responsible for collecting the cardholder at the specified time.

Minimum Amounts

There are minimum amounts of each transaction on the basis of the selected term, below:

INSTALLMENTS                                MINIMUM AMOUNT

3 months                                                $ 300.00 MXN

6 months                                                $ 600.00 MXN

9 months                                                $ 800.00 MXN

12 months                                              $ 1,200.00 MXN



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