How do they work?



When a client specifies a purchase Months No Interest, the bank takes the total purchase amount of the credit line client and by the number of months of the promotion. From that moment, he will begin to generate monthly charges for the full amount without charging any interest.

As go the monthly customer, the bank informs the customer statement detailing the purchase and the monthly fee you are paying.


Assuming a customer pays $ 6,000 pesos to 12 MSI. In the next payment date, the cardholder will be receiving a charge of $ 500 pesos. This, over the next 12 months. The bank will take the total amount from customer credit and inform the customer detailing the purchase and the monthly fee to be paid.

You, as a business, receive $ 6,000 pesos in one payment, less the fee for the number of MSI you have offered



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