Chargeback Procedure Explained


Upon receiving a request for chargeback, you must do the following. You will have 3 business days to submit all documentation to support the charge made.

1. Identify the Chargeback

Go to your admin Conekta. Within the section of chargebacks, you will see all chargebacks applied to your account as well as the current status of each chargeback. Locate the new chargeback, which can be differentiated by the status “Missing Documents”.

Entering the chargeback case, you will see all the information of the transaction with which the chargeback was generated.

Identifica la nueva solicitud de contracargo, la cual podrás diferenciar por tener el status “Falta de Documentos”. Si das clic en ella podrás ver toda la información del cargo por el cual se generó el contracargo.

2. Contact the cardholder

La mayoría de los contracargos son creados porque el tarjetahabiente no recuerda haber realizado el cargo. En el campo de comentarios, ingresa cualquier información que nos pueda ayudar a entender un poco más sobre el contracargo.

3. Provide Evidence

Upload files of all documentation or evidence that you have on this post. The documents serve as evidence are:


Receipt of this charge

Shipping Guide  (in case of a request for physical product)

Reciever signature 

Email conversations

Also feel free to any other evidence or Vouchers signed by the customer.

*** Remember to select "Send for revision" for the documents to be saved and sent to the respective bank.

4. Follow up

After 2 business days from a chargeback request was created, chargeback's status will change to "revising". If you have not uploaded documentation in these 2 business days, we consider by default that you accept the chargeback and you will lose the case.

If the issuing bank (the bank card cardholder) determines that the charge is legitimate, the chargeback status changes to “Won”. In this case, the chargeback amount will be refunded to your available balance.

If the acquiring bank determines that the charge was made improperly, the chargeback status changes to “Lost”. In this case, the money is transferred back to the cardholder and you will have lost that amount.



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