Best Practices for avoiding Chargebacks


There are some practices that can help minimize chargebacks. In Conekta we work hard every day to reduce the chances of chargebacks, however, due to Mexican regulations you can not be 100% protected. There are some practices that can help us be more secure and reduce chargebacks before they occur:

Inform your customers

Add privacy policies, terms of use and return policies as well as the entire process of the transaction on your page or application. Having these terms available and thoroughly explained will help you keep your customers well informed.

Collect information from your customers

When generating a transaction, add fields to collect the customer’s contact information such as telephone or email. The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to locate them to address any problem that arises.

Provide a great Customer Service

Maintain good customer service and communication to immediately address any situation with the customer.

Be candid regarding the delivery date

Have clear delivery times for physical products, so that there is no misunderstanding on the customer’s part.

Protect your business with a voucher

A voucher or Pagaré is a document which explicitly defines the customer’s obligation to pay an amount established along with the numbers of your credit card and signature.

A voucher is used to strengthen a merchant’s defense against chargebacks and is highly recommended when it comes to large ticket orders and unusual or suspicious purchases.



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