Which documents do I need to activate my account with Conekta?

To activate your Conekta account, you will be asked to upload certain documents in a digital format (PDF or JPG). Uploaded documents must correspond to the company and website you associated with your Conekta account.


Please ensure your have the following documents:

  • IFE of the legal representative (Mexican National Identificación Card)
  • Proof of fiscal situación of the company
  • Constitutive Act that provides legal personality (Only if corporation or juristic person)
  • Business Tax Identification Card of the Company
  • Most recent bank statement of the bank account where where funds will be deposited

Note: During the review process, other documents may be solicited directly by email (references, receipts/invoices of the products, etc.).

*** Once you complete your request for activation, please wait for a validación agent to write to your email with which you created your account in Conekta. Remember to check both the inbox and the SPAM folder.