How to make payments via SPEI with Conekta?


Wire-transfers with Conekta

What is the Conekta’s Payment SPEI?

Payments via SPEI allow you to receive bank transfers from your customers with real-time payment confirmation.

To create a payment request via SPEI, generate an "interbank CLABE", or reference. This reference number is all that your customer needs to successfully transfer you the money from their bank account online.

When the user makes the interbank transfer, you will receive an automatic and real-time notification. So you can schedule automatic emails to your customers to confirm and thank them for their payment!

SPEI is a payment system developed by the Bank of Mexico to send and receive electronic interbank transfers in seconds within Mexico. 

Using Conekta and SPEI payments you have access to an easy and secure payment method that enjoys all the perks of the Conekta interface.

Benefits of Conekta's Payment via SPEI vs. a traditional interbank transfer:

  • Unique reference

We generate a unique interbank CLABE for each payment request. Thus, each client's transaction or transactions are identifiable and easy to reconcile.

  • Exact Amount

The customer is only allowed to pay the amount stated on the payment request. If the customer attempts to modify the amount and transfer less, the interbank transfer will be canceled immediately and will try again with the correct amount.

  • Real-time notifications

When the interbank transfer is performed successfully, you will receive a real-time notification specifying which transaction was paid.

  • Automatic reconciliation in you Conekta Admin

Each transaction status is changed automatically to paid, eliminating the need to manually identify and update payments.

  • No Chargebacks

Payment via SPEI is free of chargebacks or claims.



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