How do SPEI payments work?


The Payment flow via SPEI with Conekta consists of four steps.

1. Creating the Payment Order

When a customer chooses SPEI as a payment method, Conekta generates the minimum information necessary to develop a record of payment:

Unique interbank CLABE, or reference number
Destination Bank: STP

If you wish to customize the payment order, you can include any of the following optional data:

  • Your business Name
  • Your business RFC
  • Transaction reference number
  • Payment description

2. Destiny Account Setup
Each bank offers a different online account interface, but all banks which support SPEI transfer will offer the function to register a new CLABE. Bank Transfers are very common in Mexico and most likely your customer has already paid with this method previously. Regardless, the most important thing is to emphasize is that the generated CLABE can only be used once and that the transfer must be created for the exact amount of the purchase.

*** If the transfer is made for an amount different than the amount indicated on the SPEI payment, it will be rejected automatically. ***

3. Complete the Wire-transfer
Once your customers registers the CLABE they are ready to complete the transfer.

They must enter their generated CLABE, the destination bank 'STP' and the correct transfer amount.

4. Payment confirmation notification
When the customer makes a transfer correctly, Conekta will immediately update the status of the charge to “Paid “ in your Admin Conekta.
Read our webhooks reference to setup automated email notifications for your customers.



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