Everything you need to know about Conekta direct deposit

When does Conekta deposit my customer's charges to my bank account?

Deposit schedule per payment type.


Can Conekta make a deposit to more than one bank account?

Conekta has the ability to make deposits to one bank account per company.


How can I know which charges pertain to which deposit?

Within your Conekta Admin in the section of transfers, if you select a specific deposit you can see the list of charge which were included in this deposit.


How long after I charge my first customer will I receive my first direct deposit?
The first deposit for every new company can take between 5-10 business days to appear in your bank account. This wait only occurs with the first deposit, all subsequent deposits are much faster; the exact number of days depend on the payment type used with each charge. Please keep in mind, the minimum amount for a deposit is $5 MXN.


What is the AVAILABLE BALANCE that appears in my Conekta Admin?
This balance represents the sum of the charges that have been paid and processed but has yet to be transferred to you bank account. This sum will be transferred to your bank account in the next direct deposit. If you need to make a return to a customer, you can use any amount from the available balance for the return.


What is the PENDING BALANCE that appears in my Conekta Admin?

This balance represents the sum of the charges that have been paid by your customers but have yet to be processed. As each charge is processed the corresponding amount will be added to your AVAILABLE BALANCE.


How can I can change the bank account used for my direct deposits from Conekta?

Please sent us an email to soporte@conekta.com requesting this change. Please include a letter, in pdf format, requesting this change, a copy of the legal representatives identification card (front and back) and your most recent bank statement of the bank account you would like to use. Keep in mind, the letter must be signed by hand by the legal representative of the company and the new bank account must be under the same name as the previous account.


What if my AVAILABLE BALANCE is a negative amount?

If one of your customers disputed a charge and created a chargeback, this amount will be automatically subtracted from your available balance. As new charges are paid and added to your available balance they will cancel out the negative balance. Or if the chargeback is won in favor of your company, the amount will be added to your available balance.