How do I calculate commissions on Monthly Installment Payments


The commission Months No Interest is added to the base fee card that you have assigned Conekta. This fee is always charged to the business; without the possibility of load it into the buying process.

Note that Conekta charges different fees according to the monthly payments offered, where three months has the 12th highest and lowest commission.

You can review the details of surcharges on


An example of the amount to be deposited into your account from a sale of $ 900 to 3 Monthly Installments is calculated as:

Amount to be Deposited

Charge Amount - Card Base Commissions - Monthly Installments Commission.

If your card base commision if of 2.9 % + $ 2.50 MXN + IVA per transactiona and the 3 Months Monthly Installments is of 4.9 % plus tax (IVA), the calculation would be:

Card Base Commisison

                                                                                [(900 x 0.029) + 2.5] x 1.16 = 33.12

3 Months Monthly Installment Commission

                                                                                    (900 x 0.049) x 1.16 = 51.16

Therefore, the total amount to be deposited into your bank account would be of $ 900 - $ 33.12 (card base commissions) - $51.16 (3 months monthly installments commissions) = $ 815.72.

You can view more details in our commissions section. 



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