Which documents should I use to dispute a chargeback?


Keep in mind that credit and debit charges can be disputed up to 180 days after the charge was created for national credit/debit cards and disputed up to 540 days after the charge was created for international credit/debit cards and certain productos***, so it is important to save the following evidence to dispute a chargeback if necessary.

Recommended documents

1.- Tax Invoice of the purchase: Any notes or quotation referencing the payment. 

2.- Purchase Receipt: Any note of remission or quotation that you have made.

3.- Shipping Guide: Keep a copy of the shipping label, with which demonstrates that the product was delivered successfully. We recommend also taking a screenshot of the delivery confirmation showed by most shipping providers. Many of them show the signature of the buyer, which will help considerably.

4.- Email conversations: Any email with the cardholder which substantiates that the cardholder agreed to pay for the product or service.

5.-ID: Any copy identification cardholder: 

6.- Voucher with Signature: For any transaction of a considerable amount, we recommend sending a note to the cardholder so that they provide you with a signed copy.

Use any other documents you consider relevant that demonstrates that you fulfilled your responsibilities as a merchant.

*** In most cases, a cardholders has up 180 days to dispute the charge after the charge was created. Charges created with an international credit or debit card, or charges that include memberships, vacation packages, products or services through travel agencies, package delivery or insurance products or services can be disputed up to 540 days after the charge was processed.



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