What do I need to know before I submit my activation request to Conekta?

Submitting your Request

Fill up in all fields and all required documentation in the activation form.


You must accept the terms of use, which specifies that Conekta may withdraw funds from your bank account in case of misuse of the service or because of chargebacks and that you agree to be responsible for chargebacks generated against your account.


It is important to consider the following points before sending the request to activate your account:

1. Prohibited Business
There are some businesses that are not permitted to use Conekta’s services. Click here for a list of prohibited businesses.

Any business in this list will not be granted access to production mode.

2. Contracargos
When processing with Conekta, you will be responsible for any chargeback generated card with your account.

Conekta can automatically take money from your account to settle any chargeback generated with your account. Read Chargebacks Guide to learn more about what a chargeback and our Terms and Conditions.

3. Integration Ready
You must have the integration complete with Conekta before creating the activation request for production mode.

4. Denial of Request
Upon requesting activation for production mode, we can deny access to production in specific cases.


Click here to see how to submit documents.


Upon sending the activation request, you will receive a confirmation email that your account has been activated.


Please consider that it will take us up to 6 working days are needed to review the information provided. From this point, you will have access to production mode.



In some cases, we send you an email informing you that:


The activation request was not accepted.

The activation request was accepted only for all payment methods except for card payments.

More information or documentation is needed in order to make a decision.


Once your company is activated, you will have access to your production API keys. Consider that the only factor that will change from creating real payments and test payments will be the substitution of the test API keys to the live API keys. You can read more information from test mode and live mode here.