How can I generate a refund to my client for a specific charge?

Conekta allows you to generate refunds for any card transaction. At this time, we do not support refunds for other payment methods such as cash and bank transfer. When making a refund, Conekta returns the complete amount of the transaction which includes the commission.

You can generate a refund up to 30 days after creating the transaction. If you try to create the refund after so days, you will receive a message that the operation cannot be performed.

Refunding, Step by Step

1. Choose an Order

Enter the Conekta Admin and go to the charges or orders section, depending on the version you are using, to choose the desired card charge or order.

Selecting a charge or order will take you to that charge's or order's details page.

2. Open the Refund window

In the lower hand section, click on the “Generate Refund”. This will open the refund window.

Select the type of refund desired (complete or partial). In the case of a partial refund, enter the exact amount to be refunded.

Click on the “Confirm and refund” button to generate the refund. 

If the charge satisfies one of the following conditions you will receive an error message!

1.The charge has already been refunded.

2. The charge was created more than 30 days ago.

3. The partial refund amount is greater than the total amount.

3. Verification

To verify that the operation was completed successfully, navigate to the refunds section and locate the operation. Within the refunds section you will see the return associated with the transaction.

Once the refund has been made, your customer can track your transaction in their account statement using the “authorization number”.

4. Refund Application

A refund follows the natural cycle of a transaction which must pass the bank security filter, as well as clearinghouses involved. Such a process can take 5 to 10 business days from when you initiated the refund, depending on the bank of the cardholder.

5. Responsabilidad

Conekta will only be responsible for refunds generated through the Conekta Admin, any refund made outside the Conekta Admin falls under the responsibility of the business.

If you generate a refund outside of Conekta you expose your business to chargebacks by the cardholder and cannot count with Conekta support on that refund.